We believe in reestablishing architects and architecture as leaders in the search for better cities. We design and imagine every project individually; from the largest scale to the smallest, seeking excellence in every detail. We strive to create an unbelievable experience, handcrafted and tailored exclusively to the misura of each distinct client that exceeds his expectations.

We are MESURA, Partners in Architecture.


AJAC X Awards - Casa IV - Winner
AJAC X Awards - Castillo de Peratallada - Winner
Premio de arquitectura COACV 2015-2016 - Casa IV - modalidad arquitectura - Winner
RADA 2016 Awards - Casa IV - Winner
Piscina & Wellness Award 2017 - Castillo de Peratallada - Modalidad Mejor Piscina Residencial - Winner
2017 MECSC/ICSC MENA Silver Award - Design & development excellence - Renovation/expansions - Hayat Mall
Hispalyt Awards - Casa IV - Special Mention
Ascer Awards XV - Sant Mori - Finalist
Ascer Awards XIV - Casa IV - Finalist
Architizer A+A Awards 2016 - Castillo de Peratallada - Special Mention
American Architecture Prize - Casa IV - Honorable Mention
Best Architects Awards 17 - Casa IV - Blue label
Plataforma Arquitectura - Casa IV - Obra del mes Enero 2016
Sant Gervasi Galvany Library BIM/SA competition - Quality Mention
Muestras de arquitectura reciente en Alicante - Casa IV
WAN Small Spaces Award 2016 - Sant Mori Pérgola - Long Listed
Architizer A+A Awards 2017 - Castillo de Peratallada - Finalist in Unbuilt Hospitality
Architizer A+A Awards 2017 - Gran Central Market in Bata - Finalist in Unbuilt Institutional
Architizer A+A Awards 2017 - Sant Mori Pérgola - Special Mention in Private garden
Premi d’Arquitectura de les Comarques de Girona 2017 - Castell de Peratallada´s Garden - Finalist in Landscaping
Premi d’Arquitectura de les Comarques de Girona 2017 - Sant Mori Pérgola - Finalist in Landscaping